Dress Code


Since school is a place of business and learning; students are expected to dress appropriately.

  • Revealing clothing is not permitted. (The back, chest area, buttocks, and stomach must be covered.)
  • Shirts must extend to the waist and meet the waistband of pants, skirts, or shorts. Shirt and blouses must be buttoned. The following are NOT to be worn: crop tops, tube-tops, halter tops, spaghetti strap tops, see through tops, mesh shirts, and at no point should skin or undergarments be visible.
  • Clothing must be worn in such a manner that no underwear is visible. "Sagging" will not be tolerated. Belts must be worn to keep pants at an appropriate level.
  • Pants and jeans may not have rips or tears in them above the knee that allow skin or under garments to show. Pajama pants should not be worn. Shorts/skirts must reach the mid-thigh.
  • Outerwear is not to be worn during the school day. These articles may be worn to school but must be stored in a locker throughout the day. Sweatshirts, fleece jackets and warm-ups will be permitted, however, hoods may NOT be worn in the school at any time.
  • Hoods and hats may NOT be worn during the school day.
  • Clothing and/or accessories may not be worn if they have indecent or offensive messages including alcohol/drug/tobacco advertisements.
  • Proper and safe footwear is required at all times. For safety, no cleated, open-toed, or open backed shoes, slippers, flip flops, or sandals may be worn. All shoes and sneakers with laces must be properly tied. Crocs must be worn with the back strap around the ankle.
  • Clothing or jewelry that could easily cause damage to any student or school property may not be worn (e.g. spiked bracelets, choker chains, etc.).
  • Skin lotions and gels are not to be used in school.

Students who consistently violate the dress code may be subject to disciplinary action.

This dress code shall serve as a minimum code.

The building principal may institute school rules and regulations that he deems necessary and/or appropriate.


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