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Grade 6 Pathfinders

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All English Classes - Folktales
American Folklore - Includes US, Mexican, Canadian, Native American, and immigrant American folktales, fairy tales, tall tales, myths, and other stories.
World of Tales - Includes folktales from all continents, Anderson, Grimm, Perrault, and Lang fairy tales, Aesop's and La Fontaine's fables.
Ms. Hudson - Countries
Database (original content)
If your country is not in GRW, you may use Britannica School
We will use books in class (most of these books have series titles as well as book titles)
Exchange Rates for currency (if not in GRW, try this web site) XE Currency Converter
Grade 7 Pathfinders

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 Authority Project - All English Classes
2 3 4
5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12

Ms. Genovese & Mrs. Neas - Greek Gods
Ask Ms. Lewis for login information for databases
Gods and Goddesses of Greece and Rome Cite this as a database reference source. Each article has a different author. Do NOT cite the editor of the project as the author. The name of the database is Epointplus.
U.X.L Encyclopedia of World Mythology This is also a database reference source. Cite the article title without an author. The name of the database is Gale Virtual Reference Library.
 Britannica School You may use this database, but the specialized ones above may have more information. Cite this as a database with original content. Most of the articles do not have an author listed.
Web Sites
No login is required, but if you are going to use a web site that is not listed below, you are responsible for selecting an authoritative site with accurate information. Before doing a search, you may wish to review this chart: How to Evaluate Information
Theoi: Greek Gods Very complete site, but tricky to use. Read carefully.
All English Classes -Debates
  Find your topic under the "Browse by Category" section.
  Read the Overview article, making notes about
  Names of important people, places, organizations (who, where)
  What the issue is about (what)
  Why this is an important issue (why)
  Possible opinions for AND against your position
  Read the Point or Counterpoint article, and take notes about
  Arguments on this side of the issue
  Read the other article (Counterpoint or Point), and take notes about
  Arguments on this side of the issue
  Save the citation information for the articles (found above each article) - or the whole article
  If additional information/ideas are needed, follow links in the "Related Information Box"
Sources of statistics for evidence (if needed). See Ms. Lewis individually for help using these sites.
US Energy Information Administration: Energy Explained
United Nations Statistics Division. Statistical Yearbook
United Nations Statistics Division. Environment Statistics
Grade 8 Pathfinders

Grade 8 Pathfinders iconGrade 8 Pathfinderstitle

All 8th Grade Students - Career Information

Bureau of Labor Statistics. Occupational Outlook Handbook.
All English Classes - Mythology Resources

Online Databases (and ebooks): See Ms. Lewis for login information for these resources
UXL Encyclopedia of Mythology (Gale Virtual Reference Library)
Ancient Greece & Rome (Gale Virtual Reference Library)
Gods and Goddesses of Greece and Rome (Marshall Cavendish Ebooks)
Heroes and Heroines of Greece and Rome (Marshall Cavendish Ebooks)

Web Sites: