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Organizers and Instructions

Citation and Note Taking Sheets

These pages will help you collect the publication information for an MLA-style (8th edition) works cited page (bibliography). There is also room on the sheet to take notes from the source you are citing. Use the organizer that matches the specific source you are using, and use a separate organizer for each article:
Book (in print)
Kawameeh's Subscription Databases
A to Z the USA
Infobase Learning (History databases)
Infobase Learning (Issues & Controversies)
Infobase Learning (World Almanac)
Gale Virtual Reference Library (reference ebooks)
Marshall Cavendish Ebooks (country books and mythology encyclopedias)
Web Site (only those that are free, with no login)
Lecture or TED Talk
Video Lecture (e.g. TED Talk)
Video Clip
Video Clip (e.g. YouTube)

Note Taking Organizers

These organizers will help you to organize your note taking to answer specific questions when you must use two or three different sources. You will also need a source list organizer to keep track of the publication information for each of the sources you use to take notes.

How-To Documents

These documents will give you step-by-step instructions for some of the tasks you may be required to do.