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Class Pathfinders

Grade 6 Pathfinders

Mrs. Cohen and Ms. Lawlor - Ecosystems / Biomes
You may use books on the cart or that you can find by looking in the Online Catalog. Try searching for the country in which your ecosystem is found. These books may not be signed out. They will be kept on reserve for use in the library or in your classroom.
You must take notes from every source you use, and each source must be listed in your works cited (bibliography). Works cited pages must be properly formatted and printed from Noodletools. Instructions for using Noodletools are here, in case you need help.
Cavendish Square has several that may be helpful.
Start with Habitats of the World and then use the others if you need more detail about specific animals or plants
Web Sites:
Ms. Hudson - Countries
Database (original content)
If your country is not in GRW, you may use Britannica School
We will use books in class (most of these books have series titles as well as book titles)
Exchange Rates for currency (if not in GRW, try this web site) XE Currency Converter

Grade 7 Pathfinders

 Authority Project - All English Classes
2 3 4
5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12

Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Winters: Famous People (more sources will be added as we progress)
For your convenience, here is a link to Mrs. Kelly's project site. Here is a link to Mrs. Winters's project site.
The note taking organizer and source list page is here. Here are instructions you may need: How to Use and Print from Noodletools
1. Find a book-length biography by searching in catalogs:
Not found in any of the three catalogs above? Try looking on Amazon to see if a biography exists. If so, we may be able to get it for you through JerseyCat.
2. Browse the Reference section for appropriate biographical or subject area encyclopedias. First know what subject your person is famous for (for example, an author? a scientist?).
3. Check these databases: (Only Britannica can be cited as original content.)
Gale Virtual Reference Library: Use The Encyclopedia of World Biography
(Cite this as Database - Reference Source.)
Famous American or Famous ancient or middle ages person? Try Infobase. Choose the best Infobase (used to be Facts on File) database for your person. (Cite most of these articles as Database - Reference OR Database - Book)
Britannica School will probably have information about your selected person. (Cite as Database - Original Content)
EBSCO Explora may be helpful for famous people who are still living, since it includes articles from current magazines and newspapers as well as other types of sources. This may be the most challenging collection of databases to use and cite. See Ms. Lewis for help if needed.
4. For geography of the place your famous person was born or lived, try:
Global Road Warrior (for non-US countries)
A to Z the USA (for states in the US)
(These databases are cited as "original content."
Mrs. Stabler, Ms. Maxwell, Ms. Fasano, Mr. Burgmeyer -Sensory Disorders

Grade 8 Pathfinders

All 8th Grade Students - Career Information

Bureau of Labor Statistics. Occupational Outlook Handbook.
All English Classes - Mythology Resources

Online Databases (and ebooks): See Ms. Lewis for login information for these resources
UXL Encyclopedia of Mythology (Gale Virtual Reference Library)
Ancient Greece & Rome (Gale Virtual Reference Library)
Gods and Goddesses of Greece and Rome (Marshall Cavendish Ebooks)
Heroes and Heroines of Greece and Rome (Marshall Cavendish Ebooks)

Web Sites: