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Places to find ideas for demonstrations and project displays:
Science Online This is a database and you will need to log in.
Select "Experiments" under "Browse Resources" in the box on the right.
Narrow your results by choosing gr. 6-8, and apply other limiters as you wish.
Science Buddies "Middle School Science Projects."
"Stem Projects That Tackle Real-World Problems." 9 project ideas from Concordia University
Teach Engineering "Browse K12 STEM Curriculum" set to activities, use the slider to limit to grades 5-8
Books in the Library Media Center.  I have put some on display for you, but you can also search the online catalog to see what may be available.
Grade 6

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All English Classes - Folktales
American Folklore - Includes US, Mexican, Canadian, Native American, and immigrant American folktales, fairy tales, tall tales, myths, and other stories.
World of Tales - Includes folktales from all continents, Anderson, Grimm, Perrault, and Lang fairy tales, Aesop's and La Fontaine's fables.
All Social Studies Classes -Noodletools Introduction
Source List Organizer - paper, completed in the library and handed in
Source 1 is for the country book (it is a book in a series)
Source 2 is for an article from Global Road Warrior on the same country as the book
Both sources must be entered into a single project in Noodletools, formatted and saved as a Google Doc, and submitted to Ms. Lewis.
Grade 7

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Animal Advocacy - English Classes
Animal Planet (beware of noisy, irrelevant ads and videos)
IUCN Redlist (challenging read, but authoritative, up-to-date, complete)
Look to the Stars (lists 2292 charities and shows which celebrities have supported them, filter by related cause: "conservation" or "animals." See the articles under "Related charity news and events" for more detail about what kind of involvement the celebrities have had.)
Databases (you'll need the username and password for these):
Use Britannica School for additional information about specific species (try your search in the "high" level)
Use EBSCO Explora for encyclopedia and magazine articles with current news about your animal
Noodletools (to keep your source citations)
Authority Project - All English Classes
2 3 4
5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12

Mathematicians - Ms.Vecchione
Open and sign in to Noodletools so you can save your citations as you work.
FactCite Try a search in the "Find" box for black mathematicians, or for your assigned person.
Grade 8

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