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Places to find ideas for demonstrations and project displays:
Science Online This is a database and you will need to log in.
Select "Experiments" under "Browse Resources" in the box on the right.
Narrow your results by choosing gr. 6-8, and apply other limiters as you wish.
Science Buddies "Middle School Science Projects."
"Stem Projects That Tackle Real-World Problems." 9 project ideas from Concordia University
Teach Engineering "Browse K12 STEM Curriculum" set to activities, use the slider to limit to grades 5-8
Books in the Library Media Center.  I have put some on display for you, but you can also search the online catalog to see what may be available.
Grade 6

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All English Classes - Folktales
American Folklore - Includes US, Mexican, Canadian, Native American, and immigrant American folktales, fairy tales, tall tales, myths, and other stories.
World of Tales - Includes folktales from all continents, Anderson, Grimm, Perrault, and Lang fairy tales, Aesop's and La Fontaine's fables.
All Social Studies Classes -Noodletools Introduction
Source List Organizer - paper, completed in the library and handed in
Source 1 is for the country book (it is a book in a series)
Source 2 is for an article from Global Road Warrior on the same country as the book
Both sources must be entered into a single project in Noodletools, formatted and saved as a Google Doc, and submitted to Ms. Lewis using this form:
Grade 7

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 Authority Project - All English Classes
2 3 4
5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12

Social Studies - Ms. Genovese, Mr. Lopes: Ancient Egypt


Ancient & Medieval History (In Noodletools, many of these are cited as Database - Reference)

Britannica School  (In Noodletools, cite as Database - Original content)


Web Sites: ("Titles in quotation marks are page titles." Titles in italics are site titles.)

"Egyptians." BBC History. Links to useful articles on pyramids, mummies, gods & beliefs, pharaohs, daily life)

"Egypt's Golden Empire: New Kingdom." PBS. (farming, religion, pharaohs, society)

"Ancient Egypt: A Brief History." LiveScience. Also links to additional information (especially Akhenaten)

"10 Amazing Ancient Egyptian Inventions." How Stuff Works: Science.

Stille, Alexander. "The World's Oldest Papyrus and What It Can Tell Us about the Great Pyramids." Smithsonian.

"Ancient Egypt." The British Museum.

"Ancient Egypt." History. (mostly useful for Great Pyramid) 

Grade 8

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All 8th Grade Students - Career Information

Bureau of Labor Statistics. Occupational Outlook Handbook.
All English Classes - Mythology Resources

Online Databases (and ebooks): See Ms. Lewis for login information for these resources
UXL Encyclopedia of Mythology (Gale Virtual Reference Library)
Ancient Greece & Rome (Gale Virtual Reference Library)
Gods and Goddesses of Greece and Rome (Marshall Cavendish Ebooks)
Heroes and Heroines of Greece and Rome (Marshall Cavendish Ebooks)

Web Sites: