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Always complete any classwork not finished in class at home!
Welcome To Seventh Grade
Homework for the week of: 9/24/18

Monday: page 34 #34-48 all
page 35 #49-54 all
Tuesday: error Analysis for mid-module assessment

Wednesday: lesson 14 Problem set

Thursday: Mid-Module Assessment Task

Friday: Mid-Module Assessment Task

Ten point assignments are not accepted late. If you do not show work, you will receive zero points.
Reminder for every day an assignment is late you will lose 10 points
Assignments are considered to be on time if and only if they submitted on the day they are due (during the specific class period). Submitting something after school is considered late.
New e-mail address

1) 1" binder just for math/spiral notebook
2) One folder to keep in class
3) Casio:  Fraction & Scientific FX-300MSPLUS or
(need to have by December) Calculator or a TI scientific calculator

4) pens, pencils, highlighters, posted notes, glue sticks,