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Phone: 908.851.6570
Fax: 908.687.5741

Class Policies

Tardies: All classes are consistent with the school's policy regarding tardies. 
Absences: You are responsible for making up work missed due to excused absences. You must make arrangements with me immediately upon returning to class. I will not remind you to make up missed assignments. 
Truancies: You will receive a zero for all work due on the day of an unexcused absence.

Use a dark pencil or a dark blue or black pen for in-class writing. Type all at-home writing assignments.

I grade assignments using points. Quizzes and short assignments are worth between 10 and 50 points. Tests and essays are generally worth 100 points.

  • 90 - 100% = A
  • 80-89%     = B
  • 70 - 79%   = C
  • 60-69%     = D

Please turn off all electronics, including phones, music players, etc., before you enter the classroom. Any cellphone or electronic device on display will be sent immediately to the office, where you may retrieve it at the end of the school day.