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KMSPAC Upcoming Events
Monday, November 20th, Alice in Wonderland, Jr cast will be announced at the end of the school day.  Find the list on the bulletin board outside the auditorium.
Saturday, December 2, Holiday Tree Lighting in Union  Center
Wednesday, December 13, Winter Concert 7 pm
Please sign up for Remind
Grade 8 Band:  rmd.at/834b8kf     or text @834b8kf  to 81010
Grade 8 Orchestra: rem.at/6e6a86    or text @6e6a86 to 81010
Grade 7 Band:  rem.at/fa66cc      or text @fa66cc to 81010
Grade 7 Orchestra:   rmd.at/7gaa9b   or text @7gaa9b to 81010
Grade 6 Band:  rmd.at/a7hbcg             or text @a7hbcg to 81010
Grade 6 Orchestra: rmd.at/mrsdecz  or text @mrsdecz to 81010
Jazz Ensemble:  rmd.at/ba8ee4    or text @ba8ee4 to 81010
Chamber Orchestra   rmd.at/f3hfgd  or text @f3hfgd to 81010
Pit Ensemble: rmd.at@alicepi or text@alicepi to 81010
 Alice in Wonderland, Jr     rmd.at/@egef4be  or text @egef4be  to 81010