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 7th Grade Mathematics

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Throughout the course of the academic year, we will be learning the concepts aligned with the Common Core State Standards for Seventh Grade Mathematics. This web site contains useful information and documents related to our class and program of study.  



The class supplies required daily include:


- a Math section in a 3-ring binder or 3-Subject Notebook

- pencils

- at least two bright coloring utensils
-a glue Stick

- lined paper

- agenda book

- completed assignments

-Expo marker/Sock Eraser


I look forward to a rewarding year together!

  • Pre-Algebra Common Core Standards
  • eurmath.link/hwh   (Homework Helpers)
  • eurmath.link/parent   (Parent Video)
  • eurmath.link/tip-sheets   (Parent Tip Sheets)
  • www.eureka.support    (Support for Understanding Eureka Math)

Quizzes and Tests

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