Kawameeh Middle School


student council


The purpose of Kawameeh Middle School is to improve school morale and assist in the management of school activities for students. They improve student-teacher relationships and provide harmonious relations throughout the entire school.  The Student Council also develops and practices attitudes of good citizenship serving as role models for their fellow peers.  In addition, the Student Council provides a forum of student expression and welcomes students' ideas for the school.



Ms. Neas & Ms. Melillo


Kawameeh Middle School Student Council Executive Board meets every day, Monday- Friday at 7:30 a.m.  The Student Council Executive Boards holds monthly meetings including all the grade-levels.  Each grade-level is represented by their chosen Homeroom Representative, to relay important information, activity information to the students, and to provide feedback/new ideas.



Mustafa Oudeh


Kimberly Moreira