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Fitness Club


Advisor: Mrs. Devereux


The Kawameeh AM Fitness Club will begin on Tuesday, October 7, 2014.  We will meet every Tuesday  morning from 7:15 AM to 7:45 AM.  Students must arrive no later than 7:20 AM in order to participate. 


The students will participate in fitness enhancing activities and exercise in the gymnasium to develop strength, flexibility, and endurance.   Mrs. Devereux supervises the students as they work toward their individual goals. 


In order to participate in AM Fitness Club the student must be an individual who is interested in improving and maintaining their personal fitness levels.  They must be prepared for physical education class, follow class procedures and rules, and participate to the best of their ability each day.   Students are expected to demonstrate respect and sportsmanship at all times.  


Advisor:  Ms. Hudson

Description of Club:
Open to students in the 6th, 7th & 8th grade.  We do various activities such as Frisbee football, soccer, basketball, wiffle ball and kickball.  We also do cardiovascular activities such as jumping rope, running and relay races.  We will also have a push up, pull up and sit up contest.

Meeting Schedule:
Fitness meets on Tuesday and Friday after school.